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RF 206867961

Metal bowl of mini cucumbers on cloth and wood
RF 104447750

Black Forest Cake on blue cake stand in front of grey background
RF 104413647

Healthy breakfast with pomegranate in yogurt, small vase with cutlery and pomegranates
RF 101395099

A funny ketchup smiley
RF 206868040

Bottle of red wine and two glasses in evening sun
RF 104413632

Healthy breakfast with pomegranate in yogurt, Coffee and opened book
RF 104419472

Casserole with mulled wine, slices of lemons and oranges and spices
RF 104449102

Glasses of spinach smoothie and mango smoothie with desiccated coconut on wooden table, elevated view
RF 104413643

Opened pomegranate on dark surface, studio shot
RF 104419457

Carton palette with brown eggs
RF 101913741

fresh market vegetables, selective focus on center of photo
RF 101552482

Peaches with leaves on tray, close up
RF 206868060

Coffee, apple, grapes and autumn leaves on wooden bench
RF 101893820

pepper and a bottle of vegetable oil in a basket
RF 220409943

Close up of heart-shaped box of chocolates
RF 206865646

Whole and sliced organic pears and glass of pear jam on grey wood
RF 100061226

Close up of bath salts in yin-yang pattern
RF 100099117

Various grains, pasta and beans
RF 104444220

Dish of raspberries on kitchen towel and wooden table
RF 104445549

Metal bucket of red currants on wooden garden table
RF 220416150

Close up of candy baby bottle gift
RF 101549430

Fresh and dried apricots on table, close up
RF 104413685

Three nutmegs on wooden spoon on burlap, studio shot
RF 104413686

Nutmeg with grater, nutmegs in tiny bowl on burlap, studio shot
RF 106811640

Bunch of green asparagus on jute and dark wood
RF 104419452

With powdered sugar sprinkled Christmas cookies lying on cake stand, close-up
RF 101400492

'Like' symbol made of watercress
RF 104413690

Green and red chili peppers in small bowl  and a knife on wooden table, studio shot
RF 104444221

Dish of blueberries on kitchen towel and white wooden table
RF 104413636

Black radish (Raphanus sativus) in wire basket with rug, studio shot
RF 100000776

Candy cane with red bow
RF 101558590

Variety of Praline chocolates, close up
RF 104449096

Green beans in white wood bowl
RF 104413694

Cup of tea with slice of lemon, rock sugar and tea strainer on wooden table, studio shot
RF 206867957

Round courgettes on cloth and wood
RF 100104596

Chinese plates and spoons
RF 206867938

Wooden bowl of plums on jute and wood
RF 106812647

Glass bottle of home-made elderflower sirup and elderflowers, Sambucus, on jute
RF 101562937

Brown eggs in straw nest, close up
RF 100003137

Eggs and one golden egg in nest
RF 104413633

Healthy breakfast with pomegranate in yogurt, coffee and opened book
RF 104419465

With powdered sugar sprinkled star-shaped cinnamon cookies and red Christmas baubles on cake stand
RF 101904123

Picnic basket with fruits on grass in summer park
RF 101867633

Perfect Cappuccino
RF 212166978

Served table
RF 104449170

Steaming tea in white tea cup on wooden table
RF 101895300

garlic on a kitchen cutting board
RF 101867943

Mug with Whipped Cream and Pistachio
RF 101894718

vegetables and a basket with a bottle of vinegar
RF 211002193

Strawberry growth isolated on white
RF 101867953

Pink Frosted Cupcake
RF 104422387

Wire basket, knife and whole and peeled lychees on dark wooden table
RF 104445540

Two glasses of vanilla icecream with chocolate granules, spoons and kitchen towel on wood
RF 104411223

Different red and green tomatoes in bucket, studio shot
RF 106813336

Jar of cherry jam and cherries on dolly
RF 101384821

A piece of Gorgonzola & a piece of Parmesan with cheese knife
RF 104419455

Flour exploding in a bowl
RF 104419468

With powdered sugar sprinkled star-shaped cinnamon cookies, miniature deer and red Christmas baubles on cake stand
RF 104394100

Walnuts and almonds forming a star shape
RF 104419467

With powdered sugar sprinkled star-shaped cinnamon cookies and red Christmas baubles on cake stand
RF 104419459

Fir-shaped Christmas cookies cutter standing on a table sprinkeled with powdered sugar
RF 104449157

Plastic container of purple radish cress on wooden board with knife
RF 206865173

Three different heart shaped potaoes in a row
RF 104445521

Wire basket and plate of whole and sliced kiwi fruits on wooden table
RF 220416823

Tomato plant growing in small flower bed in window
RF 104449081

Chopped parsley
RF 206866454

Three oranges on wooden plate and wooden board
RF 104449162

Strained peppermint ginger tea and dried peppermint leaves in bowl
RF 106813302

Cherry jam and cherries, Apricot jam and apricots, Currant jam and red currants on dolly
RF 104449167

Cup of Chinese green jasmin tea on book
RF 101353953

Plum tomatoes in the shape of a heart with a part missing
RM 101581979

Pearl onions with knife on wooden board, close up
RF 206867976

Brown button mushrooms, Agaricus, on  tree pits and jute
RF 206867977

Brown button mushrooms, Agaricus, and a knife on tree pits, jute and wood
RF 206868129

Metal bowl of cranberries, Vaccinium macrocarpon, on cooling grid
RM 101581961

Glass of juice with blood oranges on table, close up
RF 220402640

Wine bottle, grapes and glasses on table outdoors
RF 100159628

Assorted fresh fruit
RM 207024921

Spare ribs with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes in pan
RF 104413646

Opened pomegranate with corsican sea-salt, studio shot
RF 104421494

Sliced and whole avocados (Persea americana), baking paper, knife and slate on jute and wooden table
RF 206866371

Bowls of kumquats
RM 101581967

Bottles of milk with chocolate cookies and glass of walnuts on table, close up
RF 100104065

Harvest mix with pears and berries
RF 104411160

Croissants in metal basket, studio shot
RF 104449163

Cup of peppermint ginger tea and dried peppermint leaves in bowl
RF 104394408

A fruit heart made of bananas, apples, pears, citrus fruits and plums
RF 101341831

Various types of shrimps with lemons on crushed ice
RF 104411199

Oxheart tomatoes on wooden board
RF 101562921

Breadsticks tied up with straw on jute sack, close up
RF 104449105

Little metal basket of chocolate ice cream and preserving jar of chocolate sauce
RF 104392507

Salsa ingredients
RF 104449109

Glasses of mango smoothie with desiccated coconut on cloth and kitchen board
RF 101343092

Fresh oysters, oyster glove and oyster knife
RF 206867956

Round courgettes on cloth and wood
RF 101351495

Two carrots, three tomatoes and soil
RF 106815348

Herbs and bowl of cooked rice, elevated view
RF 106813573

Six doughnut peaches, Prunus persica var. platycarpa, and a knife on cloth and wooden table
RF 101558586

Variety of Praline chocolates, close up
RF 206862723

Halloween pumpkin in garden